Prioritize Alignment, Allow Success


Alignment is a state of being.
It could be argued that alignment is our natural state of being… but if you’ve been on the planet for more than a few days that’s unlikely to be true for you.
Alignment is the absence of resistance.
Alignment is the feeling of joy.
The feeling of true confidence.
The feeling of being “in the zone”.
Of “flow”. Of calm. Of clarity. Of “I lost track of time because I was having so much fun!”
Alignment is the feeling of relief.

If you’ve ever practiced yoga you may have experienced your body in a pose that felt challenging and unnatural. A position of effort and struggle. But then, either by a verbal cue or a gentle correction from a teacher, you adjust yourself every so slightly. Suddenly that same pose feels completely different. It feels like ease. That’s a shift into alignment.

Alignment is ease.

The energy of alignment is the most powerful creator of success… and yet, we rarely utilize it deliberately.


Our culture glorifies effort.
Monuments are built for those who have struggled mightily and overcome.
From an early age we are thought that there’s no “gain without pain”.
We’re told stories about generations before us walking to school… in three feet of snow… uphill… both ways… without shoes.

Understanding how to deliberately leverage alignment is the understand that is can be another way. It’s the knowing that we can absolutely succeed without incurring pain.

What’s more, it’s the knowing that, with our thoughts, energy, and beliefs we control the proverbial weather… and the incline… and our footwear.

We create our own reality – and when we create through alignment, we allow more success.